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Online Fundraising

Don't miss out on a large segment of the population who are online. Online fundraising has grown substantially over the last three years, and is very cost effective. Learn how to tap into this amazing online resource.

Get Found Online

Search Engine Optimization is vital to a non profit website. Why? Because your non profit relies on donations and without traffic, you are invisible online. traffic is only traffic. Learn to convert traffic into donors.

Social Media

Social media is essential for donor engagement and donor retention. You will not get the same results with other online media channels. By creating a strategy, that's when you see your social media take off.


Branding is what sets your non-profit apart from other non-profits. Why? Because brands stand out in people's minds, so they will more likely search a brand name. Also brands rank better in search results because Google puts more emphasis on them.

Email Marketing

The beauty of email marketing is that it is cheap, but highly effective. In order to get good results, you need to know how to incorporate techniques that will guarantee optimal open rates, and great interaction with your client base.

Google My Business Pages

Yes as a non-profit, you can and should create a listing on Google My Business Pages. By being listed, you drive engagement and help your donor audience find you locally.


Creating a beautifully designed eBook which talks about your cause, is a great way to set your non-profit apart. Your goal is not to sell your eBook but rather give it for free, or for a small donation. A free eBook will get people engaged into joining upcoming events, and help with volunteer work.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook offers the best online ad network, however very few non-profits use this venue. At the local level, you can get low cost (and when I say low cost, I mean really cheap) advertising, and get astounding results. Reach out to a wider audience, and watch your donations increase.

Can't Afford a Website?

Ask me about my microsites. Only $250.00!



Myriam is a very down to earth person with a high level of skill in her field. She is creative, inventive, and original in the ways she implements her concepts. She offers a cost effect product combined with exceptional work.
Rosa BergolaHolistic Health Practitioner Montreal
Miriam is an amazing creative artist that also has a strong marketing sense and background. You could not ask for a better combination when choosing a webmaster. Miriam was able to grasp the essence I wished to portray in my website as well as integrate the professionalism that is essential to my business. The tools she recommended have been pivotal in bringing traffic to my site. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create a website, or for their web marketing needs.
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